ISVE, a leader in wood treatment in Italy and abroad, is the first to have used vacuum technology as an element of innovation to support the processing of wood. For over 30 years, armed with a business philosophy based on innovation ISVE designs and manufactures vacuum drying kilns, impregnation plants, handling systems, vaporizers, sprayers and systems for heat treatment, also adding the production of shredders and grinders for wood and industrial waste.

Vacuum drying kilns for wood able to guarantee high speed drying accompanied by high quality standards with limited final moisture gradients.
Thanks to the patented wood treatment plants HT VST it is possible to stabilize and thermally stain different types of wood respecting the grain and natural beauty.
Thanks to vacuum technology, our impregnators for wood ensure the maximum penetration of the active ingredients for the preservation and fireproofing of wood.
The Spray Matic series of Wood Spraying Machines for the application of solvent- or water-based impregnators. Uniform colour without smudging or staining.