Hard work and constant development over the years have made "NIGOS-elektronik" a leading company as manufacturer of measurement and control equipment, industrial equipment, counters, process indicators etc. In the recent years we have become a leading company in designing and producing automated wood dryers as well.

Quality of our products is a result of experience our experts have in all the areas mentioned above. It is a base ground for further improvement and development.

Reliability of our products is based on high standards used in developing and designing, as well as production and testing. That is why "NIGOS-elektronik" gives its customers up to 5 years warranty.

Our customers can always count on a fair and low prices.

Our product line consists of a various and numerous devices and equipment. We can point out aside the analogue controllers a new generation of microprocessor controllers, temperature programmer, controller for servo-controlled systems, probes for temperature and humidity measurement, humidity/temperature controller and programmer, counters, thermometers, process indicators, transmitters and wood moisture meters.
As mentioned before we design, produce and assembly automated wood dryers, but we can also modernize and automate an existing conventional wood dryer. .