The right answer to your desires, Pedini Cucine is attentive to the needs of a public who knows perfectly which are his dreams.
Pedini has a leading role in the history of the kitchen design world, for over fifty years. In these years, Pedini has evolved from handcrafted craftsmanship to state of the art technology and materials, keeping perfectly in tune with our constantly evolving modern lifestyles.
Research and development, planning and design, manufacturing technologies, supply chain management, certifications of quality, commercial servicesÖ these are the themes of which Pediniís management work togheter with external collaborations. Pedini invests on these elements to guarantee its future and to continue to be a leader of the Italian kitchen furniture industry.
Pedini style and design theme began in 1957 and still exist today. Curved compositions, the integration of appliances, flush handles, no handles and unique materials single out Pediniís individuality. Every Pedini kitchen has a design language that separate it from its competitors. All Pedini products are internationally certified to the highest standards. This has been earned by adopting modern pratices, environmentally friendly products, non toxic glues and varnishes and other ecology friendly materials. The result is a product that is completely recyclable.
In a Pedini kitchen, the Italian style is present in every aesthetical choice and in every detail. This is Pediniís way of life, the beauty as a goal.