Veneer - a magic word that brings out all the inner beauty of fine woods.
The skilled precision cut reveals the wonderful interior of what has been growing for many years. Structures and grains, the variety and richness of which capture any eye and tempt any hand to gently touch them.

The idea of sawing thin strips of wood, which was then a rare commodity, goes back as far as the advanced civilisation of the ancient Egyptians. Since those times, veneer has been the central medium for any aesthetic wood treatment, primarily in the furniture production and interior design sectors. Our company's highest precept is consistently to maintain a strict standard of quality which is competitive at an international level. This is guaranteed by our specially qualified staff who regularly use their trained eyes to select top quality timber on site.

Cleverly devised different methods of what is known as "knifing" - a blend of peeling and cutting using state-of-the-art technology - give a wide range of decorative grains and patterns. The different steaming techniques also enable a wide pallet of choice colour nuances. It also goes without saying that our staff are in the picture about the relevant colour trends when they select the timber.

Our veneers are processed to produce even organic stripes or symmetrical designs for the front and side surfaces of a piece of furniture. Veneer - the decoration of civilised life for over 2000 years!