Simmonds Woodturning is a custom woodturning mill producing high quality wooden porch posts, porch columns, newel posts, balusters, large diameter table legs and kitchen island legs. At Simmonds Woodturning we take pride in producing high quality Wooden Porch Posts, Porch Columns, Newel Posts, Balusters, Large Diameter Table Legs and Kitchen Island Legs. Satisfied customers is top priority.

Whether you are restoring a Century home or Historical structure, we specialize in creating exact reproductions of original architectural components such as Porch Posts, Newel Posts and Balusters. Or you can choose from our stunning collection of Porch Post, Newel and Baluster patterns.

We also offer an exquisite collection of Large Diameter Table Legs and Kitchen Island Legs. Our Heavy Table Leg and Kitchen Island Post collections are available in a variety of wood species as well as a large assortment of sizes. Designs range from Victorian and Country to Contemporary or we can replicate a custom pattern for you , if so desired.

For years our clients have depended on our experience and our well earned reputation for high quality and exacting detail. Please enjoy your visit to our site, and we look forward to,

“TURNING” your visions into REALITY!