is our web site for offering the Maple Bookcase Product Line of Ballard Bookcase Company. Ballard Bookcase has been building bookcases in our Seattle, Wa. woodshop for a quarter of a century.

Our Maple Bookcases and CD/Media shelves are all handbuilt of the best materials and then hand finished to produce a beautiful, durable, functional set of products designed to provide decades (or longer) of use.

We are proud of our hand built products and of the fine people who produce them. As you look through our web site's pages you will see our bookcases in detail, will see exactly how they are hand built and will also find all the information you need about packaging and shipping to your home or office. Hopefully we have covered all the bases so that you can make a well informed decision to purchase our bookcases. We concentrate on building bookcases and do a great job!

We at Ballard Bookcase Company have been building solid wood bookcases in the Seattle Area for 25 years. This web site is the home of our Maple Bookcase products: Bookcases, CD Media Shelves, Vinyl Record Cases and our new CD Display, all handcrafted from the same quality Maple wood. sells all the products that are offered on the web site across the U.S. We have chosen to offer them ourselves, as we do with all our products, rather than wholesaling them or opening showroom in areas outside Seattle. We concentrate on building bookcases and do a great job. This has been successful for us and has worked well with all of our thousands of customers.

We got involved in using the World Wide Web in 1997 and developed our site to display all our standard pine bookcases to the local Seattle community. Of course the site was visible on the web to anyone with a computer anywhere in the world We received so many inquiries about our products from people thousands of miles away from us that we began a limited amount of packaging and shipping. Early on the majority of requests we received were for our CD cases. We went through a time of learning how to meet this demand successfully and eventually decided that what we needed was a dedicated online store that would offer just the CD related cases.

We went online with our pine CD and Media Shelves in 2001 and have built, sold and shipped thousands of these basic products. This has been extremely successful. One of the things we have learned from all that activity is that our customers expect to get exactly what they presented on a web site. With the Maple Bookcases we have tried to show as much of the cases, both how they look and also how they are built, so that our new customers will know exactly what they will be receiving. As you look at the photographs you see beautiful bookcases, when you open one of our packages you will be pleased to find that you have purchased a product that looks even better in your home than in the photos and that will be used and enjoyed by you for many many years to come.

There is a tremendous amount of pleasure in designing, producing and offering beautiful quality items. The fact that real, well trained people have enjoyed doing the work building our bookcases, actually getting to do the work that they love to do does get communicated through the bookcases. We know that every one of the bookcases we build will carry the pleasure of their craftsmanship along in their life as they leave us and go on to their new homes.