Locking security, brick style mailbox has a front door that closes automatically and a hidden trap door that drops mail into a locked area for safety. Help Keep Your Identity & Mail Safe.
The only security mailbox with a door that automatically closes.

This is a unique locking security brick style security mailbox made with durable weatherproof materials. dimensions: 10" wide X 24" long X 31" high

The only security mailbox where the front door will automatically close after the carrier deposits the mail inside and with a unique hidden trap door inside. When the door opens the mailbox looks like a regular mailbox. But when the mail is deposited and the door is closed the trap door drops down to release mail out of sight into a large secure locked area, safe from weather and thieves. There is a special holder for out going mail.

Security locked Mailboxes help keep your medications and important mail safe from thieves and vandals in a large hidden holding area while you are away from home and help prevent identity theft. Brick not included.

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