As global leader, Henkel offers the most comprehensive line of superior laminating and assembly adhesives, sealants, acoustic coating and surface technology for the manufacturing of constructive elements like panels, facade elements for the building industry.
Henkel is one of the world’s leading and most innovative providers of qualified and customary adhesives and advanced system solutions for the woodworking and furniture industry.

Through such trusted brands as DORUS and its global customer service support infrastructure, Henkel delivers a full product range of adhesives to meet the variety of industry standards for both panel and solid wood furniture manufacturing.

Foam fabrication: Henkel provides a superior line of water-based, solvent and pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesives for use in the manufacture of foam furnishings.
Kitchen & bath: An important application field where Henkel proves its system competence, is the coating of wooden material used for the production of kitchen fronts and doors.
Office furniture: Henkel offers a customized service package for office furniture consisting of adhesive selection, technical equipment and process advice.
Ready to assemble: Ready to assemble furniture has to be light and stable. Light boards offer the desired features and can be produced efficiently with new adhesive technologies.

Solutions for every phase of the manufacturing value chain
Henkel also offers service products, consulting and technological solutions for every phase of the woodworking and furniture industry:

Edge Banding
Edge to Edge Gluing
Finger Jointing
Multi-Layer Laminating
3D Laminating/Membrane Pressing
Post Forming
Profile Wrapping
Veneer Splicing
Wide Surface Laminating