Netcom Specialist Access provides Rope Access, rigging and access equipment for Working at Heights, Confined Spaces and other difficult to reach areas. Rope sccess is a flexible, scalable and safe solution to a wide range of access problems. Netcom Specialist Access is a leading provider of industrial rope access services. We offera broad range of areas of expertise in difficult access areas, specialist installations, inspections, maintenance works, and safety advice. Our professional advice and implementation of solutions enables your projects to be delivered on time and within budget.

Rope access techniques enables certain work (such as complex structures - stadiums - inspection and maintenance works) to be carried out, which may not have been possible using other conventional access methods. Rope Access is a form of work positioning, originating from climbing and caving. Specific rope work was utilised to reach areas which may not have been accessible by other means. This 'rope work' has now been developed so that is can be applied to reach inaccessible areas within the work environment

Rope access equipment is lightweight and able to be removed in rapid time, which offers greater flexibility and speed. This makes rope access a preferred method of access for many difficult sites allowing a wide variety of tasks to be undertaken. Each project is given the 'Safe and Best practice' approach ensuring all work is carried out to the highest safety standards.

The real benefits of rope access are realised when the current number of man hours need for access are dramatically reduced when compared to more traditional access methods. This saves you both time and money. That's not all though...

Using rope access can provide an unobtrusive, cost effective access capability
Equipment used (i.e. ropes) can be installed and uninstalled rapidly to ensure minimum disruption and therefore could help reduce overall lead time on projects, which could in turn see a reduction in project costs
Other trades can generally continue their works without disruption at ground level, compared with other access methods such as scaffolding
Rope systems can be easily installed to reach almost all areas, which may not have been possible using conventional means
Use of rope access could further reduce costs where there may be need of road closures, such as busy shopping centres
Rope access offers greater flexibility for rescheduling and can therefore take advantage of any weather conditions
Due to its unobtrusive nature, rope access can offer historic building owners less visual impact during inspections, enabling them to retain their visual integrity
When the cost to access an area by traditional means is disproportionate to the amount of work that has to be carried out, rope access saves significant time and money
Rope access operatives can often accomplish in a matter of hours, work which previously took days to complete using conventional access methods