At Norris Bedding we've been making mattresses using traditional methods since 1945, when we started trading as R. J. Norris, a small family firm. At that time materials were hard to come by so expertise in upholstery and refurbishing mattresses was essential.

Times have changed - and the name has changed to Norris Bedding Ltd. But we're still a family firm, now specialising in fine quality handmade mattresses.

We pride our selves on the construction of our beds, whether it be in the handmade divans or the hand teased loose filling mattresses, every part of our beds has to go through a rigorous quality check before it gets delivered direct to you the customer.

We have been featured many times in national newspapers and magazines, perhaps because of our image as an olden-days firm, but more likely because of the quality of beds we make here by hand in London.

The difference between our beds and many other manufacturers beds will become apparent after many years of comfort. We individually make your bed to order, using no machinery. Every part of the construction is done by hand by craftsman.

We have over the years supplied beds to many Hollywood stars, peers of the realm and sporting hero's, but we take the same amount of care, precision and time with all our orders.