Offering handcrafted Art Deco miniature furniture and accessories in quarter and one-inch scale that are reasonably priced and unique. UNIQUE SELECTION OF DOLL HOUSE FURNITURE IN ONE-INCH AND QUARTER-INCH SCALES

Dave's Attic Miniatures is the only miniature website dedicated entirely to the furniture and style of the Art Deco period of the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's. Our products are reasonably priced, unique, handcrafted miniature furniture and accessories.
Art Deco Miniature Furniture

We make and offer handcrafted art deco miniature furniture in quarter-scale and one-inch scale. Furniture selections include: bedroom suites, dining room sets, living room sets, bars, fireplaces, grandfather clocks, phonographs, radios, cabinets, tables, wall paper, and area rugs. New products will be listed as they become available.

We make kits with laser cut components using unique techniques for easy and accurate construction. Currently we feature an art deco house (Hanson House). Look for the modern house in the near future.
Quarter-Scale and One-Inch Art Deco Room Boxes

We make and offer finished room boxes in both scales which contain bedroom, living room, dinning room, and bar scenes using the art deco furniture we feature.
Art Deco Dollhouse Accessories

We make and stock our own line of quarter-scale art deco wallpaper and area rugs. The one-inch rugs are computer sewing machine made by TOUCH OF FANCY.
Customized Art Deco Miniatures

While our one-inch furniture using authentic vintage fabric is limited to what is shown, our quarter scale bedroom suites and living room furniture can be customized in whatever color you want. We have many art deco fabrics that can be reproduced and can even give you a piece of fabric to use for your curtains or drapes.

You get old fashioned, personal attention for all your miniature doll house needs for the art deco period.

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