Modern Miniatures for your dolls house or miniature world are our passion! We want to capture our world, the world we all live in, the experiences we have had, the places we have been.

Our inspiration is not in resource books or museums, but physically around us, all the time, in our homes, in the shops of our home city, Bradford, and in the lives of our friends and family. We love creating something different and modern that someone wants. In this way our range has expanded as people have asked for more new things. Ideas are all around us. You may be living in a Victorian house but you still have your TV, your microwave, and your computer. You probably also have inherited pieces of furniture, and that's fine too. Your dolls house is as modern as the most modern miniature you put in it! Delph Miniatures was formed in 1991, a mother-and-daughter partnership, Margaret Shaw and Kathy Holden. We design and manufacture a varied range of 1/12th scale miniature accessories, with the accent on Modern. We work from home and have help from part-time outworkers, who work in their homes to our designs. Although the large majority of our food items would be suitable for any time period, we are one of the few manufacturers to produce modern day items. Our miniatures are also available at shops across the UK and world-wide, as well as on this site. We also attend Fairs in the UK, of which more details can be found in our Fairs section.

At Miniatura on March 17th & 18th 2012, we will as usual be launching new products. Some will be existing products available in new colours, giving them the latest modern looks. Others will be totally new, and depending on whether we can find the time amongst making items for existing orders, we hope to launch a new range of products too. So log on to our website, on 17th March, and select the 'New at Miniatura March 2012' page to see and buy our new products !

Please visit our online shop - which includes new products introduced at Miniatura September 2011 - we accept major credit cards and payment is made through the totally secure Paypal service. To help us protect your payment card details, please use PayPal or phone or fax us your card details. For security reasons DO NOT email them to us.