We make high quality MODERN dolls house furniture, accessories and kits, specialising in fitted kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition to our own exclusive furniture, we stock a wide range of modern miniatures, including replica designer chairs, and a range of vehicles. ELF Miniatures design and make high quality modern dollhouse furniture for every room in the house. We specialise in fitted kitchens, offering both a bespoke service and an extensive range of kits. In addition we produce a range of fitted bedroom kits along with ready-made free-standing bedroom furniture. For the bathroom we have a range of vanity units both ready-made and in kit form, and a very popular shower kit along with a wide range of bathroom furtniture and fittings.

We have built a reputation for high quality, and excellent customer service. Our commitment to you doesn't end with your purchase. All our kits come with comprehensive instructions, and plenty of diagrams to help you, but we are always available to offer additional help and advice should you need it.

We also supply a wide range of modern accessories, from food to household goods, including a wide choice of high quality kitchen appliances, some of them in 1/24th scale.

We have recently added some items of mass-produced furniture, where we feel that these offer good value. Such items are clearly identified as not being made by ELF.

All the items shown are 1/12th scale unless otherwise indicated. We also have items in 1:24, 1:16, and 1:6 (playscale) and these are listed under their own categories see above left. We shall be adding to all these categories in the following months, and in addition are always happy to submit quotes for items that may not yet be listed in those scales.