Shopping on the internet can be a little awkward. If you are reading this and are not related to one of us (HI MOM!), you probably don’t know that much about us. The truth is that we love what we do and we want your experience at Smart Furniture to be awesome -- not Don Johnson Miami Vice awesome, but more like the smell of cookies in the oven on Christmas morning before you open presents while wearing those pajamas with the feet in them awesome.

So, to let you know a little about us, we have written down a few things that we would want to know if we were you. First, we have summarized the basics in “Just the Facts” and then we have explained how we try to make shopping with us a great experience in “Making It Awesome”.

After reading through Why Shop Smart, if you have any doubts, you should just call us (888 467-6278 toll free). We love to talk, and if you don’t mind our Southern accents, we bet you will enjoy it too.