Stand-up desks offer many advantages over conventional desks. Many who have back problems simply cannot endure the stress that prolonged sitting at a desk creates. Still others just think and work better on their feet. Most users report a 10-30% increase in productivity. Others claim even more, as much as 60% increase. Can you walk while you work? Treadmill Desks often look like they belong in a dorm or gym and not an office. Not ours!. Most of our desks can be configured to work with walking treadmills.
How can a stand up desk make you money? In a word, PRODUCTIVITY. You probably are not completely aware of how unproductive you are stuck behind a sit down desk all day, day after day. Mental blocks, fatigue, pain, all drain the creative juices out of you. Many of our customers tell us that before they made the change to a standing desk they used to try and work at their sit-down desk while standing. Or try and read papers and books while standing until they realized, I really do need a stand up desk! Now obviously I do not know what you do for a living, but I do know if you are reading these words you are thinking about buying a stand up desk because you are either sick and tired of sitting all day or you have had an injury that is forcing you to consider a standing desk. Now, if by deciding to make the move to either a supplemental stand up desk or a full blown change to working while standing most of the day, if that increases you productivity by just ten percent, calculate what that adds up to in just one year. If you are like most, you are actually paying for a standing desk without the benefit of actually owning one, through lost productivity. And even if you don't actually earn more money from your increased productivity, lets say you just have more time, or have less pain in your back or legs, what is that worth? So why not get the stand up desk that ergonomically suites you best or one that you just love the look and function of and pay for it with the increased productivity that you know will result from getting up off your rear end and allowing the blood to flow better throughout your entire body, especially your brain. OK, last but not least, about one third of our business comes from word of mouth. Every time you refer someone to and they purchase a a desk or credenza from us you receive a $100 referral rebate every single time. We give all our advertising dollars to our customers, 100% of them! After 17 years of doing this we've learned nothing works better. So, once you get your desk if you tell your friends and colleagues where you got it and how much you are enjoying it and every time your friends or colleagues order from us we always ask, "how did you hear about us"? If they mention your name your $100 referral rebate check will be on its way to you.