Office power and data soft wiring solutions, desktop power sockets, data sockets, cable management, soft wiring, soft data, cable tidy, power modules, powerbar, powerbox, indesk units, flush mounted, hidden power, remote control, screen mounted power, desk mounted. Whatever your position in an organisation - electricity matters. These days nothing happens without it - remember when your server went down?... No-one knew how to work without it. However electricity can also be lethal and unless it is managed correctly and appropriate design criteria meet legislative requirements: your clients, your staff, indeed your business, could be at risk. It's a big responsibility... and it's yours.

Cable management and the safe reliable provision of power, and data, throughout the workplace has become a necessity, but where can you turn to find experts to guide you through the maze of compliance at the same time understanding your wish to enhance the workplace and inspire your staff?

Office Electrics does exactly what the name implies – it's all we do. We exist solely to give you, our customer, what you want - ‘peace of mind’. We are experts in our field and take the fear out of cable management. We can tailor solutions - working in partnership with you - to suit your needs, whether you want a unique design or merely to suit a budget - technical consultation, design, manufacture - we provide them all. Office Electrics can also provide a RIBA (UK) approved CPD seminar, this session will focus on the need for cable management and will examine the standards and applications appropriate to installation. The seminar provides great educational benefit for facility managers, interior architects and office designers.

Since its foundation in 1986, Office Electrics has operated its business on a three point policy: Service – Quality – Safety. Never deviating from that policy has enabled the company to achieve a highly respected reputation in the cable management and allied industries, that is unequalled.
Office Electrics operates as a family owned business and it has succeeded in gaining a reputation for providing cost effective and innovative ‘Solutions by Design’, for cable management, to the furniture and associated industries.

The account Managers and technical team are the most experienced and respected in the industry. They will listen to clients needs and suggest the most user-friendly, standards compliant, solutions.

Product design and development is a vital part of the business strategy of Office Electrics. Our highly experienced design team continue to keep a watching brief on the advances in technology. Regular briefings ensure that these advances are incorporated into the design of new products. Where applicable, bespoke items will be produced to satisfy a particular requirement.

Based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Office Electrics undertakes the manufacture of its plastic components ‘in house’ by way of CNC moulding machines; thus allowing flexibility to meet the demand for large quantities or smaller custom orders. Indeed, this has allowed us to meet recent increased demand for coloured modules and sockets to provide a more ‘integrated’ look in office furniture.

Having control over the manufacturing processes enables quality of product and delivery times to be maintained, even in times of high demand. This has the effect of building confidence with the client and enables a good working relationship to be built thereby generating repeat business from the customer base. To enable this relationship to continue with all clients, the production capability is continually being appraised to ensure that Service – Quality – Safety remains a reality.

As part of the ongoing desire to be ‘the best in the business’ Office Electrics has recently purchased a sister company in Australia called Elsafe. Elsafe incorporate the same spirit and enthusiasm as Office Electrics. This further enhances the comprehensive service that covers stock products, bespoke items and, if required, ‘own branding’, which has been supplied to many blue chip companies worldwide.

Office Electrics is proud of its reputation of supplying quality products. If you would like to see for yourself how we design, develop, and manufacture products in our facility, you are more than welcome to visit.