The last Garden trellis you will ever need to purchase! These trellis designs will beautify your garden like no other structure can! The nicest part of owning one of the aluminum trellises, arbors, or pergolas, is that they require virtually no maintenance. They should never need painting and because they are made of non ferrous materials, you do not need to worry about rust ! If you live in a warm climate, you may be glad to know that the leaves from certain types of climbing vines actually cool the air surrounding them. If you put enough vine filled trellises next to your house, they can help to cool your home!

Most of our aluminum trellises have a manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty against rusting, rotting and cracking.

Our professional quality trellises, pergolas and arbors will surely beautify your garden. These products will also double as the ultimate tomato staking system. Great for any vine plants.

Many of our aluminum Pergolas & Trellises include UV stable plastic training clips to help train your vines and flowers. Additional bags are also available for purchase, should you require more. Clips can be positioned virtually anywhere on the structure.