Arrington Lumber & Pallet Company, located in Jacksonville, Texas is one of the largest and most reliable manufacturers of hardwood and pine pallets in East Texas. Since 1963, we have geared ourselves toward ensuring our ability to produce and deliver top quality pallets on a timely basis. We pride ourselves in our product and our service, having invested in only the finest machinery to build our pallets and deliver them to our customers.

We at Arrington Lumber believe we provide the best pallets available to our customers, never cutting corners. We use only the finest available materials to produce our pallets. We also offer a heat treatment option for our products which fully complies with the People’s Republic of China Heat Treatment program as well as the regulations adopted by the Interim Commission on Phytosanitary Measures in March 2002. We have been operating our heat treating facility since January of 2003. This addition adds to the value of our product to companies that transact business overseas.

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