One of the leading culprits in the misuse of our nationís materials and resources is none other than commercial office buildings. From the early stages of construction and renovation to the day to day operations, commercial office builds consume more than 30 percent of the nationís total energy and up to 60 percent of our electricity.

One of the resources most likely to be misused is gypsum drywall. Gypsum makes up an estimated 25 to 45 percent of the weight of debris from building-related construction and development activities. 64% of drywall waste occurs during new construction, while 24% occurs during demolition and renovation.

Due to this misuse of our nationís gypsum resources, Gravity Lock Systems developed a technology that eliminates a significant percentage of this waste and provides alternatives to the old ways of constructing commercial office buildings. With our patented technology, Gravity Lock Systemsí demountable walls are virtually 90% reusable.

Gravity Lock Systems is no newcomer to the sustainable design industry; we were green before green was cool. With three decades of experience developing interior solutions for commercial office spaces, we have the experience and knowledge of a seasoned veteran. Yet, with the curiosity of tenderfoot we are constantly seeking new materials and alternatives to yesterdaysí solutions.

As members of the U.S. Green Building Council, we are committed to sustainability. However, we do not believe it is enough to simply develop a green product. To have a real impact, manufacturers must be able to market and sell their products to the masses. In other words, green products shouldnít cost a lot of green. That is our policy and we work tirelessly to develop affordable alternatives to conventional construction.

We seek out partners and vendors that are regional, materials and resources manufactured regionally, and we have a staff committed to doing more with less. Many of our materials contain recycled content, emit low to no VOCs, and offer a reclamation process.