The Invotek range of office partitions and glass wall partitions combine the best of modern materials with innovative design features that allow the end user to plan an office environment with total flexibility. Invotek office partitions are truly relocatable, meaning later changes of configuration can be achieved cost effectively, with minimum of disturbance to employees, utilising the basic elements, time and time again. Designed with simplicity in mind the one-piece glazed units (glass wall partitions) are easily relocatable and are interchangeable with solid or door units with a minimum of disruption.
Invotek office partitions and glass wall partitions house a built-in tolerance within the head channel to allow for minor building deviations. From Invotek glass wall partitions, for the minimalist workplace environment with discreet divisions of office space suffused with light, to Invotek 75 and 100, a combination of solid, single and double glazed panels. From Invotek Flushwall, the perfect solution for the office environment requiring the sensation and strength of solid walls to Invotek Element, a premium timber framed system that creates dramatic corporate landscapes - and every option in between.