Black Sheep Play was founded on the principle of standing out from the crowd, providing a specific range of Play Equipment from the market leaders that consist of the fundamentals of reintroducing traditional play elements to your children, that are aimed towards activity whilst being fun in the comfort of your garden. At present we provide four product ranges, Play Systems / Climbing Frames, Swing Sets, Pedal Go-Karts, and Trampolines that fall within these aspects. We now also provide a range of Climbing Frame Accessories and Components for the self build enthusiast.

We are a local based company in Northern Ireland with an ethos of providing excellent customer service along with the highest quality Children’s Outdoor and Garden Play Equipment designed to suit all ages. At Black Sheep Play we believe that kid’s play should be fun, exciting and should assist in children’s development. Black Sheep Play is passionate about creating possibilities for play; that are both challenging and stimulating. Our products will give children hours of endless fun while also enhancing their physical, social and intellectual development.

At Black Sheep Play we will offer specialist advice to help you choose and test your favorite product to meet your family’s requirements. We provide a wide range of outdoor and activity play equipment for your children that are appealing to kids and aesthetically pleasing to compliment your garden. Purchase quality products you can be assured of that will last for years, from a name you can trust, Black Sheep Play - Northern Irelands leading dedicated supplier of Quality Outdoor and Garden Play Equipment.
Play Systems & Climbing Frames

Our Play Systems and Climbing Frames are custom designed, manufactured and installed to the highest quality standards tailored to each family’s unique requirements. Our systems are safe, durable, affordable, look well in the garden and will last for years. They are constructed of natural wood and blend into the surroundings to compliment your garden.

We offer our clients a complete service from design to installation. Our team will guide you through the design process, assist in suitable product location and layout, manufacture the system to your needs and also deliver and install the complete system at your home.

Our Play Systems and Climbing Frames are of the highest quality and include delivery and installation within the price ensuring a quality product from design, manufacture, to the finished assembled and installed product in your garden. They incorporate some unique features, such as being modular allowing you to incorporate whichever items you like to suit your children, garden and budget. The timber is planned smooth and edges rounded to ensure a comfortable and safe feel, the panels have a flush design eliminating protruding end grain timber making them safer and more visually attractive and the Play Systems and Climbing Frames can be levelled on site to suit any falls in the ground rather than just being as level as the ground the are placed on.

To purchase a Play System or Climbing Frame, select the items from the list that you would like to incorporate into your unique Play System, then give us a call or send an e-mail with such and we will help create a Play System and layout from your selections and best advise what is appropriate or the suitability of such to suit your children’s age or the size of your garden.
Swing Sets

Our Swing Sets are safe, durable, affordable, look well in the garden and will last for years. They are constructed of natural wood and blend into the surroundings to compliment your garden. These Swing Sets will give your children an exciting place to play together, providing years of fun and enjoyment, whilst helping them develop through physical challenge and exercise.

At Black Sheep Play we offer a wide range of Swing Sets to suit all ages and to accommodate a large range of Swing Attachments. All of our Swing Attachments can be placed on and taken off very easily. This allows for a change of Swing Attachments and extra Swing Attachments can be purchased and occasionally swapped around.

Our Swing Sets are priced as low as possible and therefore require self assembly. Delivery is also an additional extra. The necessary swing hooks and brackets are attached to the swing beam and all that is required is to place the four swing legs into the bracket and fix with provided coach screws.