Aztec Products manufactures automatic floor scrubbers, floor buffing machines, propane strippers with vinyl flooring stripper etc. When investing in your next commercial floor maintenance machine, look for products that will save you time, money, and labor. You’ll find that Aztec Products floor maintenance equipment delivers on all three. From our concrete floor grinding and polishing machines to our floor stripping machines and refinishing machines, each is designed and built as a rugged piece of equipment that will be durable enough to last for years and powerful enough to help you clean better than the competition. The speed of equipment like our floor buffing machines will help you see a significant savings on labor while the efficiency of equipment like our floor cleaning machines will allow you realize a substantial savings on chemical costs. Unlike other commercial floor maintenance equipment companies, Aztec manufactures products that are the solutions to our customer’s wants and needs. Get more work done with fewer people and finish floors that have never looked better with Aztec Products.

Take jobs that you never considered doing with commercial floor maintenance machines from Aztec Products. Our floor stripping and refinishing machines enable you to tackle over 120,000 sq. ft. facilities, stripping floors and putting down multiple coats of floor finish in less time than you think. The power behind products like our concrete floor grinding and polishing machines allow you to be more competitive in pricing and efficiency. Cleaning under racks and in tight corners and removing years of accumulated dirt and grime is easy with our floor cleaning and buffing machines. Additionally, Aztec’s floor maintenance equipment is compliant with EPA and CARB emission standards, providing a safe work environment – whether it is in a school or a store. Among other commercial floor maintenance equipment companies, Aztec Products stands out as the one with the goal of helping you obtain more and better contracts.