PT AIDA Rattan Industry is established in 2003 by German entrepreneur Kurt Schütz Jr. who had long-standing experiences with Indonesia for his rattan furniture business worldwide. On 1 st of June, 2004 the new factory of PT AIDA Rattan Industry was inaugurated in Cirebon, West Java. The owner, Kurt Schütz Jr., manages the company supported by experienced and professional staff members.

AIDA offers a broad range of high quality rattan furniture to serve international customers worldwide. AIDA collections range from garden furniture, furniture for all interior areas including living room, dining room, bedroom, to wardrobes, spa and accessories. Growing up in Germany, I inherit the passion of creating furniture out of rattan from my father. He taught me all there is to know about rattan and rattan furniture. Surrounded by the stacks of rattan from the freshly cut heaps to those ready to be shaped, I develop my own fervour about this amazing resource of mother nature.