The oldest “rattan chair” manufacturer in the world.
The drucker family created Drucker in 1885. Louis Drucker and his wife spent their
whole professional life creating, assembling and selling these Bistro Chairs and furniture made of rattan, which became through the time a signature of the Parisian “brasserie”.
Louis Drucker was the most prolific and creative creator of the Parisian and French market.
His business dominated the rattan market during a couple of years
since the end of the nineteenth century.
The real creator of the “ French bistro chair” is Louis Drucker and there
is no one else who could pretend he is.
The Drucker family works from father to son and from mother to daughter.
All the necessary skills are transferred during a couple of years of learning.

Drucker also managed to find the right balance between the respect of the tradition
and a constant creation of new chair designs.
Drucker also cares a lot about the quality of all of its products, by selecting the best
raw materials and by being careful to have a top quality final product.
The assembling process is very carefully followed and everyone constantly tries
to reach perfection.
The result of all that is a wonderful catalogue, with a enormous amount of different designs which have been created since the nineteenth century, and all sorts of weavings Which allow customers to personalise as much as they wish every single chair they want to buy.
Drucker is located in France, 75 km north of Paris, in “ la vallée de l’ automne”, well known for its tourist attractions such as old churches, castles or even windmills. It is also located just next to Crépy-en-Valois, which used to be the city were the kings of France, The Valois, lived.
The access is very easy for people coming from Paris, who can use the N2 motorway. This journey only lasts an hour. All visitors, professional or private, are of course welcome.
They can come and admire the artisan skills and try all the different chairs that are created before deciding which design, colour or weaving they want to buy.