As always, it has been a great pleasure to introduce vaious KHAVINDO indoor & Outdoor collection for your living habitat. With well-select timber and eco friendly syntetic rattan, we assure another delightful season to be enjoyed....

KHAVINDO is established to ensemble 100% Indonesian made furniture and home accessories. We achieve this by establishing mutually beneficial partnership with gifted local and international designers to put forward a unit and functional design with

strong creative innovations to meet international standard. KHAVINDO creates distinctive collections of interior design furnishing and accessories that enhance the décor of the welcoming home and the experience of the property guests.

KHAVINDO also employs highly skillful craft artisans and talented production team to deliver high quality products through excellent customer service. And always at the best price possible! KHAVINDO offers abroad range of high quality rattan furniture to serve international customers worldwide.

KHAVINDO collections range from garden furniture and furniture for all interior areas including living room, dining room, bedroom, to wardrobes, spa and accessories.

Furniiture design and coordinated accessories for home and hospitality interiors. KHAVINDO's product lines are distinguished by their unique design; inventive use of materials; and exquisite attentions to details. KHAVINDO's team of designers work closely with craft artisans from every corner of the archipelago to create a wide universal appeal to the natural beauty of Indonesian's made furniture and crafts.

Every design is great inspiration for that pleasant interior experience. Function and style are the components and we desires to focus on. Honoring the traditions of craftsmanship KHAVINDO combines Indonesia ethnicality and blends it with contemporary design perspective to create distinctive design and style balance between shape, texture, color and form.