Lavi, the inspired source for synagogue interiors, is the place where we Envision, Design and Build your Synagogue.
We`ve come a long way since our start in the early 1960ís.
Today we`re the undisputed leader in supplying furniture and furnishings for synagogues and Jewish centers.

Our Five Decades in this Specialized area have given Lavi a unique insight into what is required to Build or Refurbish a Synagogue with Style and Dignity. Over 5,300 Jewish communities around the world have placed their Trust in our Craftsmanship and Know-how.

They have experienced the extraordinary feeling of entering a Lavi-inspired synagogue and the feeling of pride that this is their place of worship.

Our plant covers 5000 square meters and employs 100 individuals of the highest caliber: Architects and Designers, Artists and Craftsmen, Production managers, Quality control inspectors and more.

They all take pride in working closely together to ensure that synagogue seating and other furniture items meet the client`s full satisfaction - and in particular to create an environment of worship that is comfortable, pleasant and unique.

We follow three fundamental guidelines:

Safety - We use quality materials that undergo a special process for safe long-term use. For all products, in particular the Aron Kodesh/Holy Ark, safety features are added to guard against events such as fire and burglary attempts.

Environmental protection - We pay particular attention to environmental issues and use wood, natural products and water-based paints. The `green environment` means a great deal at Lavi because the plant is located in the countryside, in Kibbutz Lavi, and most employees come to work by foot or on bicycles.

Accessibility - The professionalism, experience and creativity of our employees finds the greatest expression in the solutions they develop for people with disabilities. Synagogues and furniture are designed to be comfortably used by this important sector of society. We are proud to be in the vanguard of companies encouraging this approach, since synagogues should be accessible to all.

After over six decades of achievement and more than 5,300 synagogues in Israel and abroad that we have furnished and renewed, we can summarize one central fact. When Lavi works on your present or future synagogue, it will be the place in which you rejoice and are proud to pray in.