ArchitEX offers FRP building products range including FRP/Fibreglass Beams, Pultrusions and Sections that are used in industrial roofing and siding.

ArchitEX being Treadwell's unique range of FRP products, are developed continually for use in the most demanding of structural conditions including FRP beams, fibreglass beams, rood purlins and height safety access grating.
These include the structures involving the pultrusions and the associated fibreglass sections which actively take part in making the architecture strong and rewarding. Durable components including fibreglass sections are used along making the services and framework look strong which would be able to counter the countless environmental inconsistencies.

From structural sections and engineered structures through to industrial roofing and siding products, the complete range of ArchitEX FRP solutions boasts extended and superior UV protection and stability which is an exclusive feature of ArchitEX. These options can be effectively included with the fabricated structures which involve better viewing and can easily tolerate the modifications in the environment.

Treadwell has, over the years, has been providing many solutions to a broad range of industries including roofing and siding for galvanising facilities, structures for lead, zinc, silver process plants and access platforms for wastewater treatment plants with adept attentiveness and results. The structures created by us include better frameworks which are resistant to corrosion, asserting higher levels of maintenance.