Tribal Rugs and Central Asian Textiles. Cocoon was established in 1996 by Seref Ozen and Mustafa Gokhan Demir. Located in the historic Arasta Bazaar, in the shadows of the Blue Mosque of the Sultan Ahmet district of Istanbul, Cocoon specializes in rugs, flatweaves and textiles from Central Asia as well as Persia and Anatolia.

Seref Ozen who is considered to be one of the foremost authorities in the world on Central Asian textiles and Cocoon has become synonymous with quality service among collectors around the world. He has exhibited at all the major tribal art shows around the world including the HALI fair in London and is a regular participant in ACOR and San Francisco at the Caskey Lees Tribal Art show every February.

Seref has also contributed various articles to HALI and represents the magazine in Istanbul.