At, we have one request of you, the customer, -- Abandon all preconceived understanding you may have about what a rug can be. Forget the common conception of a doormat as something meant to be walked all over -- for us, it is a thing to be walked to, reflected upon, then carefully sidestepped; a thing of beauty, a work of art. The art of carpet weaving has established the Persian rug as a scion of respectability for millennia, yet has been otherwise largely ignored. We believe the same associations of class and prestige can be found here, with the same care and attention paid to all your custom orders.

Gone is the age of the plain old welcome mat, that artifice designed to wipe the dirt off your shoes and be ignored. In a world that is increasingly plagued by loud, garish pleas for attention, there remains a voice crying out for simplicity, elegance, and decorum that still implies a level of distinction. In the humble rug, we have found an untapped potential for individual expression that is subtle, yet pronounced in its singularity. We invite you to think outside the rectangle; outside of the coarse fibers and quickly fading dyes that render traditional mats and rugs as forgettable as the floors on which they lie. There was once a time where we thought art was constrained to paint and canvas, to clay and marble; but art exists everywhere we are willing to look for it. Make your custom mat the piece that defines your home or office space.

We believe our custom mats will be as important to your brand as any other piece of signage. There is little else you can do in terms of cost-efficient visibility that has the same level of personality and artistic function. We serve individual and bulk orders, valuing all customers equally, applying the same fervor to your private home that we do to your national business chain. Adhering to the creed that there are no small orders, we are dedicated to working with you throughout all stages of design and manufacturing to ensure a positive, involved experience; where you ultimately have as much control over your custom product as possible.

Please call or email us with any design concept or to request a quote.