Bazaar Velvet - Visit our London Showroom for Beautiful Designer Rugs, Exquisite Handmade Rugs and Stunning Contemporary Rugs. Give us a call on 020 7736 9693 to for more information. Here at Bazaar Velvet we are passionate about modern rug design and have over 25 years experience in producing rugs for our clients, our mission is to offer you a collection of beautiful hand knotted rugs made in time honoured tradition & harnessed to contemporary style.

Achieved through using the finest wools & silks our weavers are able to fashion the most cutting edge creations using centuries old indigenous technique.

This coupled with our association with some of the top textile designers from around the globe brings to life an extraordinary range of stylish rugs in an abundance of textures & colour palettes.

Many of our collections can be adjusted by size, colour; design and textures to suit your own unique environment, alternatively we can assist you to bring out the designer within and create your own absolutely unique design.

Bazaar Velvet is proud to be a member of the Good Weave organisation that ensures there is no child labour involved in the production of any of our rugs. This extremely important organisation is most active in the field of welfare & protection of minors in the rug weaving community. Their work involves a constant monitoring of all weaver's employers who are members of the organisation, as well as removing children from situations of exploitation & providing shelter, schooling & opportunity for those affected.

We only use makers who are signed up members of Good Weave & subject to their charter & scrutiny.
This means that you can be absolutely assured that our rugs are produced inviolving no child labour whatever & that the community of weavers that produce our rugs have their welfare & best interests protected.