Our NFL blankets are so nice & comfy. Some Steelers blankets are a made of cloth, acrylic or microfiber polyester, with the idea to keep the user warm & comfortable, while resting, relaxing or sleeping. Blankets are different than bed sheets by their thickness and usefulness. NFL Blankets are generally used to keep animals & humans warm or decorate a room, couch or wall, while sheets are used for mattress protection & comfort. Blankets are broken down into many types, including throws, afghans, and twin, full, queen, & king size comforters, depending on their weight or fill. Some blankets were originally made of wool because of wool's warmth, ease to find and anti-flammable properties. Sheets were made of linen or cotton, which are less irritable for some people. Currently, synthetic material is commonly used for both. Throw type blankets are smaller than twin, full or queen size, coming in stylish colors and licensed patterns. Children are a main user of Pooh blankets while adults tend to use Patriots blankets & Harley blankets. Electric blankets are used by some for extra warmth.