Eck*el*mann AG and its sub*sidiary Fer*ro*con*trol Steuerungssys*teme GmbH Co. KG are medi*um-sized com*pa*nies in the elec*tric au*toma*tion of ma*chines and plants. The spec*trum of so*lu*tions ranges from the com*pact de*vice con*trol to the au*toma*tion of dis*tribut*ed in*dus*tri*al sys*tems. Since its foun*da*tion in 1970, the ac*tiv*i*ties of Eck*el*mann AG have been fo*cused on the de*vel*op*ment and pro*duc*tion of elec*tron*ic con*trollers for ma*chines as well as the soft*ware de*vel*op*ment and sys*tems in*te*gra*tion for plant au*toma*tion. All so*lu*tions are based on proven in*dus*try stan*dards, tai*lored to meet the spe*cif*ic func*tion*al re*quire*ments and the en*vi*ron*men*tal con*di*tions of ma*chines and sys*tems.

Eck*el*mann AG is the par*ent com*pa*ny of Eck*el*mann Group. The group com*pris*es three com*pa*nies and fur*ther con*sists of Fer*ro*con*trol Steuerungssys*teme GmbH Co. KG in Her*ford, Ger*many, an au*toma*tion com*pa*ny with fo*cus on drive tech*nol*o*gy and in*dus*tri*al PCs, and Eck*el*mann s.r.o. in Tvr*don*ice, Czech Re*pub*lic, which spe*cialis*es in re*frig*er*a*tion.