Founded in 1991, Magestic Systems Inc. has developed a variety of integrated manufacturing software solutions for CNC cutting applications of advanced materials such as composites and honeycomb laminates, as well non-composite materials such as heavy plate and sheet metal. Magestic Systems's solutions are used around the world by leading manufactures in the aerospace, automotive, transportation, energy, defense, industrial and construction industries.

Over the last 20 years Magestic Systems has built numerous strategic partnerships in order to foster innovative customer driven solutions. With the expertise needed to envision today and tomorrow’s manufacturing solutions, Magestic Systems has proven itself as a world-leading software provider to solve some of the most complex manufacturing requirements. For manufacturers, having flexibility as well as reliability in a solution provider is important. Magestic Systems has emphasized this principle across its entire product line and developed its solutions accordingly. 
With a staff of over 150 years of combined experience there is no other company better positioned to satisfy your most critical CNC Cutting and Process Improvement requirements.