Since 1986, R&R Drummond has provided cutting optimization software for wood, plastic, glass, sheet metal and other fabricators.
Priced at only $249 it's one of the Nation's Best and least expensive optimizers for Panel, Roll and Linear cutting all in one package. In 1986 R&R Drummond first released Plywood Planner for the Commodore 64. We
developed our second release, CASP'er, (Computer Aided Sheet Planner) for the
IBM-XT as the industry progressed toward the PC. With the arrival of Windows
3.1, we developed The ITEMIZER version 4, which supported a windowed, point-
and-click interface. The ITEMIZER version 5, was designed for the Windows 9x
operating systems. Version 6, added Power search routines that analyzed many
more layouts and Version 7 added the Part bin for rearrangements of the cut-
ting plans. Version 8 adds convenient use and a number of new features. Ver-
sion 9 has a user defined default Start file, Auto-save and Restore, Multiple
piece descriptions on drawings, 2-phase cutting plans and more.

Our current primary product is The ITEMIZER, which provides for manually re-
arranging the cutting plans after they are automatically generated.
Snap-It has been discontinued in favor of MINI-MIZER, which is a limited ver-
sion of The Itemizer and has more functionality than Snap-It.

With every new software release, we strive to improve the quality of our pro-
gram and efficiency of the layouts, while adding useful support features. We
regard customer feedback as a crucial part of the development process.

Our technical support is free and we strive to make it a same day service.
Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are interested in your success and
saving some trees can't hurt...