Grand Rapids Carvers is a woodcarving, turning and dimension mill. We have our own product line of carved moldings, rosettes, overlays, corbels and grill panels. With hand carvers on staff, our carving department is capable of reproducing most any item you desire. All that is needed for reproduction is a blueprint/drawing, model or picture of the item. Our turning department creates custom turnings such as spindles, balusters, newel post and furniture turnings with dimensions ranging from as large as 12 inch diameter by 10 feet long. The manufacturing capacity of our dimension mill is approximately 200,000 board feet a month. We specialize in pre-machined and machined parts for high-end office furniture, the production of blanks for custom made furniture, and S4S moldings such as casing, base, and trim. We also have CNC technology available to facilitate many routing requirements.