FriXander is a new, low-cost, long-lasting, non-clogging, versatile profile sander for sanding routered edges.
We are selling our new sander on the Internet at approximately one third of the price of its market equivalent with the added advantage of it being refillable making profile sanding even more economical.
FriXander is recommended for use by joiners and painters working with moulded wood.
Our new profile sander is ideal for preparing routered wood for painting/varnishing and also for denibbing (sanding in between coats).
Frixander takes to the shape of the routered wood straight away, and lasts longer than other "equivalent" profile sanders because of its unique approach to profile sanding.

The problem with profile sanding is that the sanding material has to have some give to adjust to the shape of the profile being sanded, however, at the same time, the basic principle of sanding is to apply abrasive under pressure.