This family run business has been supplying hand, power tools and machinery along with all manner of accessories to the public and tradesmen for the past 25 years, trading as Jaycee Tools based in Northolt, West London. Prior to that (in fact since WW2) 3 generations of the family have been in business manufacturing and supplying electrical transformers.

However for the past 25 years woodworking tools and power tools in general have been their mainstay. Branching out to bigger workshop equipment and selling a wide range of combination machines. Since 1993 they have been concentrating heavily on Robland machinery. During their long association with the power tools/machinery sector they have seen a lot of changes, not all for the better.

Today the business is run by the founders Grandsons Kevin and Andrew Chapman, who believe strongly in customer service, but are only as good as the manufacturers they deal with. As they move into their 26th year of selling machinery they have made a conscious decision to continue to supply quality machinery that is supported by a genuine backup, hence their continued commitment to Robland and giving careful consideration to the equipment they supply and the support the manufacturer can offer.

There are plenty of companies eagerly wanting to supply them with a “cheaper” alternative. Supplying this type of machinery only works if you trade down the “Pile it high and sell it cheap” route, which also means having nothing to do with the product/customer once you’ve sold it. That’s not what Kevin and Andrew are about; there are plenty of “box shifters” supplying machinery today on the internet, and that is not a category they fall into. No company can get things right all of the time but the mark of a good company is how they behave when things go wrong? Jaycee Tools/Robland UK endeavour to offer a service not just a product.