Riverside Tool Corp., as it is known today, was born out of a garage on Chicago Ave. in Goshen, IN. Following the purchase of the company by Ron Migedt in 1990, the company soon moved to a new location on Wilden Ave. It was in this location the company experienced steady growth that has been maintained to this day.

However, in 1996 Riverside began to feel the growing pains of steady growth and was soon searching for a better location. A building was found, and the company moved to it's South Main St location in Elkhart, IN. It was in this building that Riverside embarked into CNC insert tooling, a field that it continues to excel in today. The company stayed in that building and continually expanded, even remodeling the building until August 19, 2004.

On August 19, 2004, Riverside Tool Corp. burned to the ground. Although no one was harmed, the fire resulted in a large financial loss and rendered it's then current facility completely useless. On August 27 an offer was accepted on a 30,000 square foot facility, which allowed Riverside to resume limited production on September 3rd, a mere 15 days after the total-loss fire. After that point, different departments were brought online, and Riverside seamlessly transitioned it's sharpening and manufacturing to it's new facility in Elkhart, IN. During this period, Riverside only lost one customer, and actually gained three customers. The successful recovery from the fire is what spurred the Blue Chip Business Award to name Riverside Tool Corp as a 2005 winner of the award