Action Fabricators custom converts a wide array of adhesive backed foams, plastics, tapes and other materials, making them useful for a variety of industrial, medical and manufacturing applications.

We specialize in developing innovative, value-added solutions that exactly fit our clients' unique needs. With a powerful blend of expertise in conversion; experience in the automotive, appliance, furniture and health care industries; and two decades of increasingly collaborative vendor relationships, Action Fabricators can take you from prototype to production quickly and cost effectively.

If you are faced with dampening a "buzz, squeak or rattle", providing shielding, ensuring bonding, improving sealing or any other situation where adhesive backed materials might be employed, we've done it or something similar already. That means we can turn the solution to your problem around faster and better than you'd expect.

Benefit from our product knowledge, application expertise, customer service and commitment to getting your job done right the first time.