The international market came true and the company"s solid as the most important veneer and plywood equipment supplier for the local market brought the need for a new factory expansion which happened in 1988 when a new factory and new office were built, totalizing more than 20.000m factory area in about 25 hectares land area. During its whole history Fezer has constant evolution and expansion, new machining equipments were bought and have been modernized which gives to the company a large machining capability with computerized or conventional machines of various sizes, becoming a country reference for products and custom services.

Nowadays Fezer count on 200 employees producing a complete set of equipment for sliced veneer production (decorative veneer)Fotos Fezer and rotary veneer production (plywood veneer) among other equipments for woodworking business. The company has its own design and product development center using the most advanced CAD/CAM tools and the state of the art automation.

With constant evolution and innovation, Fezer became one of the most important suppliers in the world and a reference on its business sector. The products are sold worldwide and in important markets such as USA, Canada, China, Russia, Finland, New Zealand and many countries in Europe.

During its whole history the company had its efforts focused to product quality, customer satisfaction and the employees" development and satisfaction, once they are the main company power and reason for the successful.