MODUL SYSTEME has transferred more than 100
complete second hand plants and has become a pro-
ven partner for successful transfers. The service
includes extensive consulting and individual project
planning by experienced engineers considering local
requirements and circumstances.

Comprehensive know how safeguards the profes-
sional transfer of the plant. A qualified team attends
to all stages of the transfer from dismantling to
packing, shipping and re-installation and commissio-

MODUL SYSTEME can also offer a mix of new and
second hand machines for a new plant or
incorporates new machines into existing plants.

New plants
MODUL SYSTEME supplies complete plants to
produce particleboards or MDF using the original
BERSTORFF calender presses (Mende system).

MODUL SYSTEME is also offering facilities to
produce mineral bonded particleboards (cement or gypsum) based on the Bison technology.