Deep Buttoning, Garden Furniture, Headboards, Settees, Chairs, Foam & Crumb Cushions almost anything can be buttoned with this machine, which results in dramatic time and labour savings. It compresses and tufts the cushion, inserting and locking the specially designed buttons together, all automatically.

The machine is extremely successful even on the most difficult terylene fabrics used for outdoor cushions and it can even insert Auto buttons through and into wood. The buttons are loaded into unique rotary magazines; the upper magazine which holds 12 buttons and the lower, which in conjunction with a rotary hopper feed is self filling. The operator positions the cushion on the spot to be buttoned either by using an indexing table, which can be supplied, or by our cross hatch indicator lights supplied as standard.

Buttons are supplied in various sizes with coverable or non-coverable bases and loops between 30 and 120mm. Longer loops can be supplied on request.