Advantages of the Lamello products:
Experiences of cabinet makers for cabinet makers
“We speak your language.“
Original “Swiss Made” products, which are worth their money
Economical products, because of their longlife and reliability.
Practical systems “everything from one source”,
where the products are made to match perfectly.
Spare and wear parts are available for an extraordinary length of time.

Lamello products must always pay off!

Our products enable our customers to work more flexibly, productively and effectively than ever before. Our high-quality products are based on continuous innovations and deep-routed expertise. We are still down to earth. We develop and manufacture our products in Switzerland and sell our solutions all over the world:



Profile groove biscuit joiner
Joining elements

milling tool

Lamello System

Biscuit joiners

milling tool
Joining elements

Invis Mx System

Joining elements
Drill jig

Glueing System

Glue applicators
Glue pistol
Glueing nozzles


Minispot System

Minispot grooving machines
Patch-making machines
Flush milling machine

milling tool

...Renovating Windows

Window replacement machines
Expansion gap cutters

milling tool

...Edge Processing

Edge profiling machines
Flush milling machine
Laminate trimmer

milling tool