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How to prevent bathroom mold

by home improvement guy on 5 Days Ago at 07:17 PM
Mold and rot are dangers that can develop anywhere in your house. But the bathroom, which generally contains more moisture than any other room in the house, is a particularly ripe target. Mold and rot can cause health problems and do serious damage to your house, so it’s best to take steps to prevent them.

The first signs of mold are darkened wood, water stains on your ceilings and water marks around bath vents. When you detect mold in your bathroom, you should address it quickly,

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What do I need to know about tankless water heaters?

by home improvement guy on 1 Week Ago at 08:38 PM
If you’re thinking of replacing your traditional hot water heating tank, you’ve probably heard about tankless heaters. But is it right for you? Here’s a rundown of what you can expect.

Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand heaters, will provide hot water only as needed. Because the water is heated as it’s used, they don’t produce the energy loss associated with traditional heaters, which must keep the water hot until used.

They can

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How can I prevent indoor rodent invasions?

by home improvement guy on 2 Weeks Ago at 12:09 PM
Rats and mice are mammals, which means they like to find cozy warm places to build their nests and birth and raise their young. They usually create comfortable burrows outdoors, but cold temperatures drive them to find solace in warmer areas. Your home makes an attractive residence if they can get in, and they’re likely to prefer it as a permanent home if they can.

The best way to deal with rodent problems is to prevent them from ever getting inside in the first place. However, that

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Pest Control

How can I improve indoor air quality?

by home improvement guy on 2 Weeks Ago at 12:07 PM
You may have heard of a variety of potential services or additions you can install in your HVAC system or elsewhere in your home that will boost air quality. Here are some of the available options and their pros and cons.


Average cost: $530

Where you might need it: Particularly dry areas

Humidifiers, which keep your air moisture balanced, come in a variety of models. Steam units are usually the best to use in a residential

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What do I need to know about home security?

by home improvement guy on 3 Weeks Ago at 11:06 AM
Home security is a major concern, with a wide array of possibilities, and the options have increased a great deal since the days of alarm-wired doors. We’ve assembled tips from security professionals that help homeowners think about security from the perspective of a pro.

Once you know what you want and how to protect your home, a professional can help design the best system for you. On average, a security system will cost about $1,300. Most range between

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