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  1. How can you plan a successful office renovation?

    An office redesign or renovation can be an exciting time for a business growing and investing in its future. A carefully curated interior with a focus on fresh aesthetics can help readjust the...
  2. What office furniture types do you sell in Brisbane?


    You’ll struggle to find a better all-round online shop than Ikcon in Brisbane when looking for high-quality office furniture. The categories you can buy from include custom made ranges,...
  3. Affordable Commercial Office interior Brisbane | IKCON

    Ikcon is a trusted name for Commercial Office interior Brisbane. They have years of experience in supplying both office fitout and office furniture solutions to every size of the company. A wide...
  4. Full Commercial Office Refurbishments at IKCON

    As a family-owned company, Ikcon Furniture has been providing full commercial office refurbishments and fit-out services since 2008, spanning throughout Southeast Queensland and covering a wide range...
  5. The Highest Quality Office Renovation Brisbane at Ikcon Office Fitout & Furniture


    Take a few moments to browse our website and you’ll see the quality of our office fitout and furniture. Our quality and prices are some of the best on the market. Therefore, you’ll have a...
  6. Buy The Right Office Desks Brisbane at Ikcon


    With so much choice on the Ikcon Office Fitout and Furniture website, you’re going to find the right office desks Brisbane specifically for your requirements. You can buy the new and ‘on...
  7. Are you creating a new set up for your Brisbane office and need help coming up with ideas?

    It’s a great idea to mix up the office space to give your workday a fresh dose of energy. Look to examples of good fitouts to get inspired and create something that’s productive. Your office space...
  8. Buy The Best Office Furniture in Brisbane

    Ikcon is a renowned brand with many years of experience in supplying high-quality office fitouts and office furniture at affordable prices. They specialize in the supply and installation of...
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    I would like to inform you that Ikcon Fitout &...

    I would like to inform you that Ikcon Fitout & Furniture launched reception lounge chairs for offices.
  10. Are You Looking For Reception Chairs Lounge?

    Reception Chairs and Lounges. Your reception area is your first chance to meet and greet and impress your guests. Lounge seating is a key component in planning comfortable, supportive shared spaces,...
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    Best Furniture in Brisbane

    Ikcon offers a variety of best in quality office furniture Brisbane, for every size of office space. They have many furniture options available, all of which are high quality. Office desks, seating...
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