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  1. CI-1500 Electronic lathe with manually loading.

    Electronic copy lathe with automatic working cycle and manually loading. Very robustly constructed with double bed equipped with two copiers and two tool holder units for dowel.The copiers saddle...
  2. MHC-1000 CNC lathe for the production of oval handles

    Special machine to produce tooling oval handles up to maximum square size of 80x80 and 1000mm long.

    The machine is equipped with a CNC control to be able to synchronizes the headstock drive...
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    CNX 1300 - 1600 Fully automatic CNC lathe

    The CNX is a fully automatic, hopper-feed CNC lathe. The one piece heavy duty cast iron frame guarantees a stable solid base, which assures high precision and quality turnings.

    The machine is...
  4. Thread: Intorex

    by Intorex


    Intorex´s main objective has always been technological development in the field of wood machining, and we take a great pride in developing new systems that allow our clients to have the most advanced...
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