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Thread: WEEKE – A Story of Success

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    WEEKE – A Story of Success

    The entrepreneurs developed their own product range e.g. to press carcasses or to invent a strip-stacking machine. Following, the first worldwide lock insertion machine SEM-I, which carried out all working processes in only 5 seconds was constructed. This "revolutionary invention" was followed by a machine which allowed multi-spindle drilling into work panels hereby dispersing of the costly and difficult groove-and spring connecting method which was used up to that date. From those early days which began with very simple inventions the Throughfeed-Drilling machine, as it was later called, developed in to a High-Tech-Philosophy up to this very day. In the mean time CNC-Technology and chaining with other processing aggregates has become State-of-the-Art at WEEKE.

    In May 1986 the company which had been in family possession up to then was integrated into the

    HOMAG Group. WEEKE took over the important task in the special range of drilling, routing and assembly technology. This was a very important step, making it possible for WEEKE to expand. In the past 3 years alone it was possible to double their turnover. Via the Worldwide Sales System in the HOMAG Group – WEEKE customers in more than 30 countries – spread over 5 continents – now profit from the service provided by WEEKE. The export rate has recently risen to 75%.

    To continuously place this rapid growth on a solid foundation in the future, an investment budget has been stipulated. In spite of this positive and stormy development WEEKE will retain it's middle class character through and through – in favor of our customers.

    Our product portfolio

    To us, »Made in Germany« is motivation and commitment, all in one.
    Customers around the world have come to expect the highest standards from this quality label. We meet these expectations. As the largest affiliated company in the HOMAG Group, WEEKE offers its customers a diverse range of

    Our performance erray is completed by versatile solutions for the Service and Software range.
    We also see ourselves as System Advisors and Coaches. Please take a look here.

    Satisfied customers, satisfied employees

    A fair Partnership is the philosophy of the entire HOMAG Group - an all out, personal support of the customer is natural to us. Just as important: satisfied and motiviated personnel.

    Therefore customer orientation, cooperative personnel leadership, communication and transparency are solid principles to us.
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