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    Lang Furniture

    Lang Furniture was founded in 1966 by James Lang two days after he returned from the war in Vietnam. He converted an old milk house into a work shop and began his life as an independent business man. Life was not easy in those early years. Jim built custom furniture and cabinets for local customers and merchants at night and on weekends. During the day he worked full time at a local factory.
    Jimís business plan of hard work and long hours was soon passed to his sons Lyle, Larry and Lee. Morning came early at the Langís household - the fire and shop lights were always burning by 4:30. Jim and his three sons always had a half day of work in before school and the regular work day even started.
    Over the past 40 years, Lang Furniture has grown from a small local company to a nationally recognized manufacturer of quality constructed bedroom furniture. Now owned by two sons, Lyle and Larry, and watched over from heaven by a third, Lee, Lang Furniture continues to provide quality constructed goods and outstanding service to furniture retailers all over the country. Lang Transportís growing fleet of trucks provides 1-3 week delivery times to our established territories Ė well ahead of the industry average.
    Located in central Wisconsin, Lang Furniture is able to maintain a strong and dedicated American workforce in an industry experiencing extreme pressure by overseas competition. Hard work and attention to detail continue to be the key ingredients in remaining a strong United States manufacturer, providing American-made bedroom furniture for the American consumer.

    PO Box 866
    Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449
    Toll Free: 888-865-2955


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    Really Lang Furniture is manufacturing best quality's furniture with their affordable price. Lang furniture has a good experience available in the furniture market so it is able to do trust on this shop.

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    I have haired much information about Lang's furnishings manufacturer, and I know this furnishing's manufacturer is very popular for their furnishing's items in all over the world. I have seen many furnishing's items of this manufacturer.
    used house furniture London with affordable price

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    I have never heard about this furniture manufacturer before. After reading here, I visited their website. It is really good to know other furniture manufacturers. There website s really good and effective, I hope there services to be same effective.

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    Hey Guys well as you know that Lang Furniture is perfect for anyone looking stylish and affordable bedroom furniture.Having much experience and also a trusted organization.Thanks!!

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    Lang furniture store is very popular for their furnishing's items in all over the world. I have seen many furnishing's items of this manufacturer.

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    I received the blue dresser from them. It was in excellent condition - it was packed ridiculously well. It's fairly true to color, if not a little bit darker and even questionably dark teal. Shipping took like two weeks, but it was free and had the correct estimated date. I had to snap the rollers on the drawers into place, but that took all of two minutes per drawer. My only complaint is that it came with handles that required two holes, and just had one hole pre-drilled in the center of the drawer. Meaning I need to get new handles or cover up that hole and drill two new ones next to it. I got it on sale and have found that it has a great amount of space for my less-bulky clothes and fits neatly in my closet.

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