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    Ashley Furniture Customer Care Review

    I ordered my bedroom set in October with a delivery date for December 3rd.I received dresser, chest, and 2 night stands but nothing to do with the bed.

    So everything goes into the loft upstairs Because they told us the room has to be empty in order for them to put the bed together. They called and said the new schedule date to receive bed rails is Dec 26. I explained I hadn't received anything to do with the bed why would they only send rails? I repeatedly called to fix this error before the 26 with no luck on their end it shows I received the footboard and headboard.

    I have paperwork that says I only received what I received. It is now December 27 I have no footboard or headboard but they did deliver the rails.

    I am beyond pissed. Their costumer service sucks *** the only care about making the sale but nothing after that.

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    Never buy Leather sofa from Ashley Furniture

    I bought the this sofa from Heartland, Mississauga showroom.The quality of leather is so poor that it started peeling off within 6 months.

    The leather started getting stretched from the stitches area, and started losing its color. I paid for the sofa in full, without any financing. I bought the 5y premium insurance plan of Montage also for 400 dollars. the sales staff kept talking about extended warranty while selling this insurance and never clarified about the terms and conditions of this insurance.

    The customer service of Montage and Ashley kept asking me to approach the other side, without taking any ownership. They never get back even after giving assurance. I provided all the photos to the showroom Manager & customer service in the showroom at Heartland, Mississauga. They assured me that they will arrange to send a technician, but after repeated follow ups, they refused to do anything, and washed of their hands from the issue.
    All in all, the quality of product and the quality of customer service very very poor.Very disappointed and helpless customer.

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    Well the warehouse had only provided the sofa and love seat; my husband called me to confirm that everything should be picked up together! I told him "Yes". He then went to say that they don't have anything else for me. I cleared my throat, to state the items one by one as to what they should have for me.

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    Furnish Your Home on a tight budget. Ashley is better noted for affordable furniture as well as their giant Home Stores. Their goods are targeted at your budget-minded consumer searching for convenient delivery. ... The furnishings is of reasonable quality, although not the very best.

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