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    Ashley Furniture is basically denying factory flaws. I have this huge sectional that cost over 2500.00. The material is clothlike and is coming apart at the seams, the undermatting is showing in three spots which nothing can rub or touch the seam. Just one armrest on the couch is starting to shed threads. This thread shedding is being blamed by the service technician by my clawless cat. The seam separation is being blamed on people bumping into the seams making them unravell, but no one can get get to these spots to even bump them. So basically they are just utilizing their training and making excuses, deny fault, more excuses, deny fault even more. Well I know one person that will be contacting the BBB

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    My husband and I bought a complete king bedroom set, a power recliner sofa and love seat and a tv stand in the beggining of december and our delivery was divided by 2, one for de 26th of december where everything but the sofa would be delivered and the sofa for the 7th of January. We paid on cash and on the 26th we received our bed with no box spring and they didnt bring our dresser AND the loveseat was broken. These two pieces came in two different days and the technician didnt come until January 5th to fix the loveseat and 3 days later the loveseat was broken again and the technician wont come until the 26th . When they finally brought our box spring they brought the wrong one and we went to the store to have them fix that problem. The manager told us she would call in 2 or 3 days with a date for the exchange, one week went by and nothing, we went there again and they gave us one of their display ones while they fixed the issue and once again told us they would call back with a date, its been 8 days and still nothing.

    Now the couch, as I said it was supposed to be on the 7th, they changed for January 18th, then 19th or 20th and now it is the 25th. As you can see my experience was a nightmare, I would NOT RECOMMEND Ashley to anyone.

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    Purchased three pieces of furniture from the Ashely Furniture Home store in Springfield Ohio Store. The sales person, David Holbrook, was helpful but didn't hover. He greeted us asked us a couple of questions and then let us to ourselves until he saw we had gone back to a set of furniture we had already looked at. He then asked again if we wanted help and we did. He was polite and helpful about prices and setting up delivery dates and times. He also told us about extended warranty, which we wanted, but didn't push the issue at all.

    The delivery was very pleasant from start to finish. We were called a couple of days ahead of the delivery date and given a 4 hours window for delivery. What more could you want than this!. About 15 minutes before the end of our window we were given a call and told they were very sorry, the man was so very polite, but they were running a bit late as we were their 10th delivery of the day and they would be with us in about 1/2 an hour:. They were clean, polite and very careful bringing the furniture into the house'. Even had blankets around the sides so it didn't hit into the walls and doors.. We said we wanted to inspect the furniture and were told this was no problem:. We looked over every inch of the furniture since we had read such bad reviews and expected something to be broken or damaged!. The furniture was in perfect condition just as it should have been".

    We really couldn't have wanted more from start to finish purchasing our new living room furniture;. Lansbury - Autumn Sofa & Loveseat & Ottoman Model

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    Angry Ashley Furniture and Montage Furniture Services

    I bought a sofa in 08. A sales rep offered insurance on it. I did not want it, until I asked if it covered pet damage. He said , " Yes, it covers ANYTHING" So, I bought it:. 3 years later, I call up Montage Furniture Services, and they give me the run-around and act like they can't even find my account.. I told the rep, it doesn't matter if you can or can't find it because I have all of it lying in front of me:. Then he "suddenly found it" not that it mattered, because he then told me that the insurance does not cover pet damage!. I told him that was the ONLY reason I bought the insurance, was because I specifically asked for pet damage and was told by the Ashley Service rep that it did cover pet damage,. Shame on both companies!!

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    Horrible unprofessional customer service at Ashley Furniture

    I went into Ashley Furniture earlier today expecting to walk away having purchased a sofa which I had previously looked at. Upon entering not one associate greeted me or asked if they could assist me (please note that there were only a handful of customers and the store was not overly busy). I had to wander around the store to get someone's attention while two sales women sat at a table in the middle of the store talking to one another and ignoring the customers. When I finally flagged someone down, he wasn't very professional. I inquired as to whether or not I could use a coupon and he had to check with the manager, which was not a problem. However, when I walked by the two ladies who were sitting at the table decided to belittle me and say how *** I was to think I could use that coupon on the particular couch I was looking at. I'm not sure they know I was the customer they were talking about. Instead of letting the sales associate that was with me calmly and professionally tell me that I couldn't use the coupon they decided to belittle me. I did not know that the price I was looking at was a sale price, as there was one price listed on the couch and it did not display "sale", "discount", "clearance" or any other phrase which would enable me, the customer, to know that the price listed was not the original price. There was an "as advertised" listed on the sales tag, and had they calmly told me that was their way of saying "sale" it wouldn't have been an issue. The final straw was that as I was leaving and the sales associate apologized for me not being able to use the coupon, he called me "kid." It was extremely disrespectful and I don't care how old I look, they have no right to ignore me, get nasty with me and act completely unprofessional. They assumed that I was a high school or college student and wasn't going to spend a great deal of money so they didn't care how I was treated.

    I am a 24 year old professional that works for a fortune 500 company. I have a great job and I was looking to spend quite a bit of money as I am in need of several things for my new apartment including a couch, bookshelf, rug, end table and dinning room set.

    I do not appreciate them formulating an opinion of me when I enter the store and tailoring their level of service to it,. I have never experienced such unprofessional staff that completely lack the ability to respect and serve the customer'. I worked in retail sales during college and I never treated a customer like that'. No matter how crazy or *** their questions may have seemed, I always assisted the customer as best I could:. They have lost me as a customer as I will NEVER go to another Ashley furniture store or purchase anything from their distributors?. I work hard for my money and they will not see a penny of it.. Don't waist your time going to an Ashley furniture store unless you're are hoping to be belittled and treated unprofessionally?. Hopefully something similar hasn't happened to anyone else, but based on the number of negative reviews, I don't think that is the case.

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    Angry Ordered New Item From Ashleys - Refurbished One Sent Instead

    DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE! I ordered a NEW TV console from one of their distributors, but Ashleys shipped me a REFURBISHED one instead. I ordered two items that came on the same pallet. The first was a chair that came in a new box that had never been opened?. The second (TV console) came in a box that had holes, nearly collapsed and had been opened (several times) and taped back together|. When I opened it, several wood pieces had been damaged and someone tried to restain it,. There were also missing parts:. Classy Home agreed to a small refund and to send me the missing parts;. As it turns out, it would have been quicker just to send it all back and demand a NEW replacement;. Each time I've called Ashleys, the parts were always on backorder and always 2 - 3 weeks away!. I finally just filed a complaint with my credit card company for a full refund of this item because Ashleys failed to deliver an ordered product

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    Constant delays in delivery, but timely bills!

    I purchased a 14 piece furniture set from Ashley home furniture in February. After constant delays in delivery my furniture is still not here. My son and I have been eating on the living room floor now for nearly two months. I would pay twice the purchase price to have had it delivered on time. I wish I never walked in to this store or was naive enough to believe that as a consumer, my time and money would get me the respect and honesty that I deserve. The only thing that was delivered on time, if not early, was the bill. I refuse to pay for something that I have not seen....and am starting to believe will never see. I could not work for a company that could not get their supply chain management down to a reasonable/manageable timeline. The corporate staff at Ashley Home Furniture should read "The Goal", MGT/ECON 101 basics and maybe they would realize that by using consumer money to build furniture but not providing the goods for months inflates their cash while reducing inventory on hand because they do not store anything to fill orders as they come in. This logic will eventually lead to their demise...cheap prices do not cover the lack in quality of product or customer service. Though they will most likelly never see this email, hopefully others that are looking for new furniture will and it will deter them from ending up in the same situation that I am in.

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    Angry Ashley Furniture in Pearland is the absolute worse

    BUYER BEWARE! This place is the absolute worse piece of crap furniture store ever. I went there in Feb. 2012 to purchase a bedroom set. I was in the process of having a new house built so I didn't want the new furniture right away. The salesperson told me they had a layaway program for new home buyers that holds your furniture with no minimum payment due or an interest until your home is ready. I agreed to this and even went in and made payments although it was not required. I was told this would ensure my purchase. I went in on April 25 2012 to make the final payment and schedule the delivery. AFTER the payment was taken by the incrediably rude desk clerk, we were told our furniture would take a month to be delivered.I instantly became upset. No apology was given.The desk clerl ignored my anger and called the floor manager immediately.He took his time coming over.Once he arrived he offered no solution otjer than I get something else or wait. I gave him a few choice words as well and refused his sad offers. We are now stuck without our furniture for at least 4 weeks. These people are careless and have absolutely no customer service.They will take your money and leave you with nothing.I am telling everyone who will listen to never, ever shop there. Not one person in the store is helpful. While I sat there the store received several calls from disgrutled customers. I will make it my mission to drag their name through the mud so that no one else goes through this

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    I purchased a Cindy Crawford collection couch at Ashley furniture they delivered a couch that was dirty and the stitching was loose in several places they told me they could deliver a new couch in a week and that I should just accept the couch and they would send a service representative to clean and repair it .that was not acceptable for me my wife was 7 months pregnant and we had no other furniture after speaking to approximately 10 different people and 2 hours on the phone they were going to deliver a new couch the next day the new couch was rapped in plastic and no loose threads now a year later the couch cushions are flat and broke down offer no support and look terrible I dread this phone call and really don't have 2 hours to deal with this poor quality furniture Cindy I think I would think again about attaching your name to this

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    Ashley Home furnishings are one of the wet strenuous manufacturers of fixtures and hence are available everywhere in US. This organization gives as much care in providing a right level of solutions to its important clients as it requires to art the stylized fixtures.
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